Embracing ALSeFia: A Path to Personal Growth and Genuine Connections

By Selemani Said Jawa - August 15, 2023
Embracing ALSeFia: A Path to Personal Growth and Genuine Connections

In the realm of coaching and personal development, understanding your mentor's core values and philosophies can significantly enhance the alignment and effectiveness of the mentoring relationship. And this is why, as you are considering embarking on this journey with Furaha Mastery under SJ, we thought it would be important for everyone to understand what core values, values systems, and philosophy SJ holds dear.

Throughout his personal development, SJ has been exposed to various values and value systems. But as he grows and becomes a father, a husband, a brother, a member of the community, and a distinguished coach, SJ embodies a value system known as ALSeFia. This system was invented by SJ himself as a way he interacts with and forms connections with people.

SJ’s value system is rooted in the principles of Acceptance, Love, Service, and Forgiveness, reflecting SJ's commitment to fostering personal growth, inner harmony, and genuine connections. The term ALSeFia, when pronounced, resembles a word shared by SJ's mother tongue, Swahili, and Arabic language. The word is “Safi” in Swahili or “Saf” in Arabic, meaning "purity/clean," which encapsulates the essence of this value system.

Understanding The ALSeFia Value System

The ALSeFia values system has four main components: acceptance, Love, Service, and Forgiveness. These are very common terms, but a brief explanation will be given below. As compared to the total values of Furaha Mastery, ALSeFia is short of two, but this is because we think the rest of the two have been covered in these four values.

A: Accept:

Unconditional Acceptance: At the heart of ALSeFia is the principle of unconditional acceptance. This involves embracing oneself and others without judgment. SJ believes that true personal growth begins with accepting who we are, including our flaws and imperfections.

Embracing Diversity: Acceptance also extends to recognising and valuing the diversity of human experiences and perspectives. SJ encourages his clients to accept different viewpoints and cultures, fostering an environment of mutual respect and understanding. No single person is correct. We can learn to accept one another for the greater good of the whole world community.

L: Love:

Self-Love: Loving oneself is fundamental to the ALSeFia philosophy. SJ teaches that self-love is not about vanity but about recognising one's worth and treating oneself with kindness and compassion.

Love for Others: This value also emphasises the importance of extending love to others. SJ promotes building relationships based on empathy, kindness, and genuine care, which are essential for creating strong, meaningful connections.

Se: Serve

Service to Others: Service is a cornerstone of the ALSeFia values. SJ advocates for a life dedicated to serving others, whether through acts of kindness, professional contributions, or community involvement. Serving others helps build a sense of purpose and fulfilment.

Leadership through Service: SJ believes true leadership is rooted in serving others. Leaders can inspire and empower those around them by putting others' needs first and helping them achieve their goals.

F: Forgive:

Forgiveness of Self: Forgiveness begins within. SJ emphasises the importance of forgiving oneself for past mistakes and shortcomings. This self-forgiveness is crucial for moving forward and achieving personal growth.

Forgiveness of Others: Forgiving others is equally important in the ALSeFia system. Holding onto grudges and resentment can hinder personal development and harmony. SJ encourages letting go of past hurts and embracing forgiveness as a path to inner peace and stronger relationships.

The Essence of ALSeFia: Purity and Harmony

The word ALSeFia, akin to the Arabic and Swahili term "Saf/Safi" meaning "purity", encapsulates the essence of this value system. Purity, in this context, refers to a state of being where one's actions and intentions are aligned with their core values. By practising Acceptance, Love, Service, and Forgiveness, individuals can achieve a sense of inner purity and harmony. SJ's coaching philosophy is deeply rooted in helping clients purify their thoughts and actions, leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Aligning with SJ’s Values

Understanding and embracing the ALSeFia values system can help clients better align with SJ's coaching approach. Here are a few ways to incorporate these values into your personal and professional life:

Practice Acceptance: Start by accepting yourself and others without judgment. Embrace diversity and seek to understand different perspectives.

Cultivate Love: Develop a habit of self-love and extend kindness and empathy to those around you. Build relationships based on genuine care and compassion.

Engage in Service: Look for opportunities to serve others in your community and professional life. Adopt a leadership style that prioritises the well-being and growth of others.

Embrace Forgiveness: Let go of past grievances and practice forgiveness towards yourself and others. This will free you from negative emotions and promote inner peace.


The ALSeFia value system is a profound framework for personal growth and meaningful connections. By embracing the principles of Acceptance, Love, Service, and Forgiveness, individuals can achieve a sense of purity and harmony in their lives. Together with the values systems Furaha Mastery tries to embody, aligning with SJ's values can enhance the coaching relationship, providing a strong foundation for personal and professional development. Through ALSeFia, SJ guides his clients towards a path of authenticity, empathy, and fulfilment, fostering a brighter and more harmonious future.