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Pain to Peace

A Pathway to Emotional Healing and Inner Harmony

Program Overview

Embark on a journey to emotional healing and achieve inner harmony with our Pain to Peace program. The Pain to Peace program is a transformative six-week journey designed to help individuals heal from chronic pain, emotional distress, and past traumas. This intensive coaching program provides a comprehensive approach to achieving inner harmony and well-being. Participants will engage in deep self-exploration, emotional release, forgiveness, and resilience-building activities. Following the initial six weeks, additional follow-up sessions will aid in integrating the lessons learned, ensuring lasting transformation and support.

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Who Can Benefit from the Fear to Fulfillment Program?

The Pain to Peace program is a pathway to Emotional Healing and Inner Harmony. This program is ideal for:

  • Individuals Experiencing Chronic Pain: Those seeking holistic methods to alleviate persistent physical discomfort.
  • People Dealing with Emotional Distress: Individuals struggling with emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and guilt.
  • Trauma Survivors: Those who have experienced significant past traumas or emotionally charged events.
  • Personal Growth Seekers: Individuals committed to personal development and overcoming emotional and psychological obstacles.
  • Adults Seeking Forgiveness and Healing: Those wanting to explore self-love, forgiveness, and inner healing.
  • Anyone Affected by Generational Trauma: Individuals looking to address and heal intergenerational trauma through family constellation and timeline therapy

What will you gain from Fear to Fulfilment?

  • Compelling Vision and Authentic Self Creation: Develop a clear vision for your life and explore your authentic self.
  • Emotional Release: Utilize the SAFE HUG protocol to address and release emotions of anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and guilt.
  • Self-Love and Forgiveness: Explore the journey of self-love and forgiveness to heal past wounds.
  • Values and Belief Systems: Uncover and align your values and beliefs to support your goals.
  • Intergenerational Healing: Address and heal generational trauma using family constellation and timeline therapy.
  • Resilience and Reflection: Build resilience, reflect on your journey, and create a path forward for sustained well-being.
  • Ongoing Support: Benefit from follow-up sessions to integrate lessons and maintain progress.

Success Stories

Sara, Singapore

"Brother Suleyman (SJ) has helped me in my healing process to deal with the past trauma of having had an apathetic, indifferent, self-consuming and all-consuming abusive mother and absent father who was not without serious flaws either. The lack or absence of proper upbringing, to say the least, nurturance and love has resulted in a series of more traumatizing social experiences, all of which have produced scars and wounds which have never healed throughout the years.

When people say that “time heals everything”, that has not been the case for me. On the contrary, these wounds fester and I was fixated on past events. I see and hear things through the “filter of my wounds” (quote by an unknown writer) and I often misread people’s kindness and good intentions, projecting my own darkness unto their words and actions.

Everyone meets nasty people but for me, without the proper life skills or support and loving-kindness by my parents, I have not been able to handle humiliation in all its forms. I carry those episodes and my own too many abused episodes to heart, storing them deep within so much so that they rot in my inner being, pouring toxins into my flesh and blood to be replayed over and over again, fuelling my anger and rage.
The overall result is low self-worth and low self-esteem which somehow evolves (or devolves) into a vicious cycle of self-loathing. I am 49 years old this year.

By the all-encompassing Mercy and Compassion of Allah swt, He has, in His infinite Wisdom, brought brother Suleyman (SJ) to this part of the world as an extension of His Rahmah (mercy). Brother Suleyman brought me to the past timelines to untangle the knots of past traumas.There have been many sent by all-Merciful, the all- Compassionate and each has left a lasting positive impact to this wounded self. However, like a jigsaw puzzle whereby each has its own designated place, the one piece to help complete the healing is in the form of Brother Suleyman, Masha Allah!

Alhamdulillah, through him, HE swt has helped me find closure."

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Join us at Furaha Mastery for the Pain to Peace program and take the first step towards emotional freedom and inner peace. Our comprehensive approach and supportive coaching will guide you through each step of your transformation journey.

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